[Solved] TD Premium Updated FTP not reflected in workout

I started with TD Premium a couple of months ago, and love it so far. I created Plans, that I pushed to my calendar in Intervals.icu and Garmin. I play my workout from my Garmin watch 745 to ERG mode my Wahoo Kickr.
After 6 weeks, I have increased my FTP in TD (also in Intervals.icu and Garmin); but my workouts are still using my old FTP…
Is it because I created my plans and have my workouts for the next 6 months already created and added into my calendar? How can I revise my FTP to be reflected in all future workouts?
Thanks in advance.

We need to fix this bug. Changing FTP should re-trigger a workout refresh in Garmin. If you are using a Coach Jack plan, just click on the plan and re-sync and don’t change anything and it will fix it. We will get this fixed ASAP.

Dear Alex,
Thanks for quick feedback. I currently do not use coach Jack plan, but my own designed plans. Is there any manual work around or should I just wait for the functionality to be fixed in TD?
Thanks again.

I see. Did you push it to your TrainerDay calendar and use calendar sync or does it just exist in my plans and you pushed the whole plan to Garmin? I can give you a semi simple solution but still would take about 3-5 minutes to refresh it.

Alex, I did create my plan, and pushed the whole plan to my calendar.
I have linked TD with both my Garmin and Intervals.icu account, so tbh, I am not sure if the workout is coming straight from TD or through intervals.icu.

If it has your FTP in the title of your workout in Garmin it is likely coming from US. If so the simplest thing to do is delete everything from garmin and re-push it. But this will delete everything there not just ours.

This is easiest way to delete them all.

If you use our calendar sync feature then soon we will make it so updates to your FTP will automatically refresh Garmin. If you need help with that let me know.

Dear Alex.
Thank you. My workouts had the FTP intended in bracket. I followed your advise, deleted all workouts, and re-push sync. It is all working now.
Thank you.

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