Something odd with the activity stress calculation

Now, I know I’m getting fitter, but there’s no way I pulled 380 TSS on this workout:

I see you have CP set correctly but did you also set FTP in Rider Settings?
Intensity 1.98 points to an FTP that is set way too low.

Yep - FTP is set to 300 in rider settings. My activities from yesterday and before calculated stress exactly right. It’s just today that are wrong. I did notice an update to the app but I didn’t install it yet.

No Jim this is not from the app. This is a website bug. You are serious… 40min @ 300w. :slight_smile: We will figure this out and get it fixed ASAP

Hmm, not sure if this is related - this is similar to what I’m seeing in the app. Constant dropouts from watts/cadence. Here’s today’s activity (stress is 5,284!!).

Three days ago (prior to app update) it was perfect both in rendering and stress calculation:

Sorry Jim, we will get this fixed ASAP.

Hi Alex. I’m not sure it’s a priority. As for myself, I really just use TD for planning and running workouts. All my data goes to my Garmin head unit. Just wanted to make sure you guys knew about it. Thanks!

Thanks Jim, yeah we have lots of devices and none of them have this problem. What trainer and power meters are you using? Is only the trainer connected to TD app or power meter and power match also? I remember you had a problem with power match, did that get resolved?

Ok stress calculation is (should be) fixed now, he also updated a few of your recent workouts for correct stress but all future ones should be fixed. Yes, this was connected to the 0 W problem.

OK thanks, Alex! I’ve got the Stages SB20 and I only connect the bike to the device, not the crank arms. My first response when I saw this during a workout was to check all my settings again and make sure they were correct. I’ve got power match disabled and that definitely solved the previous issue.

Ok yes I thought you had SB20, but I start to loose track of who has what. I write it down when I remember :slight_smile: Now I wrote it down to remember. Thanks for that. If you would be willing maybe you can do a session with my developer so he can debug the issue? We are trying to figure it out but can’t see how any change could have caused this.

I’d be willing to do a session with him. I think I may need to do a couple more on my own first. The activities with issues were done on my tablet on version 2.3.0. I just did a workout with my phone today which is still on version 2.2.6 and it tracked and calculated stress as expected with no dropouts. I will update my phone version and try another activity to see if it’s experiencing the same issues as the tablet. Also, the app on my tablet was configured to optimize battery use, which should only affect background use, but I turned off optimization to see if that affects the connectivity. So I plan to do a couple short trials with those when I get some time later today and I can let you know how they go.

Ok yes actually the stress problem was fixed on the server today and had to do with the 0w issue. Let us know we will try to compare the versions and see if we can see what possibly could have caused this issue.