Standalone PC Workout App

Hey there, I realize there is a mobile device app for running workouts and there’s the broadcast feature to a web browser from your phone, but I’m wondering if there’s just a standalone app/program for the computer to run my workouts? This seems like a fairly obvious thing but I can’t for the life of me seem to see a standalone program.

I would use my phone, but I work from home and run my own internet marketing company. So clients often call and text me whenever they feel like it’s convenient. Sometimes I’m on my bike and I’ll need to take a phone call, which would ruin my workout. For this reason I use a dedicated laptop for running Wahoo Systm and Zwift. I could use the TrainerDay workouts in Zwift, I know and I’ve done it. In fact I’ll be doing it later today, but Zwift isn’t always super stable and I’ve run into losing a session in the middle of training when Zwift decides to crash even though I have a screaming i9 laptop with an Invidia 3070ti graphics card and 40gb of DDR5 RAM…

Thank you for any help and direction.

So a few options, none of them are perfect. We will build a PC and native mac app but we need to just get a bit bigger first (need to hire my tester full time). So this is likely to happen in 2025.

Some options

  1. Some people get Android emulators working on PC
  2. Mac M series can run iOS apps natively
  3. iCTrainer is integrating with us and you can follow your workouts using their PC app. That is happening this week and might already be done.

The emulator might be a good idea. I can recommend Bluestacks.

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I feel like the Windows APP would be a great idea that will solve many issues no? Pretty much everyone uses a windows laptop. Not sure why the android / ios were a priority.

We have lots of customers that don’t use PCs (or desktop in general). I have never met anyone that does not have Android/iOS… Well, not that trains anyway. Also I would say 30% of our customers don’t use a PC… No one on our team does for example. We are all mac users. My guess for desktop usage it is something like this

  1. 55% use PC
  2. 30% use mac
  3. 10% use nothing or rarely use desktops for personal use
  4. 5% use linux

Remember generally people that are doing indoor training have a higher than average income. This changes the ratio of usage. Many people might use PC’s for work but not as personal computers and not that they want to or can install personal software on.

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But it is a nice idea but we prefer to prioritize the stability of iOS and Android at this time and when we have more money for more testing capacity then we can add more platforms. This day is coming.

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Now there´s a bold statement…
I use one, but it’s from my employer. I have a Linux desktop, an Android phone and 2 Android streaming boxes. If I could, I would gladly loose the Windows laptop…