Start on training tab?

In thé app what is the start on training tab for?

The easist explination is in the 3rd video on this page (only a 1-minute video)

OK thanks very much

Just fixed it. I was doing a server upgrade…

There seems to be a little bug. I have just tested, by closing and reopening the app, the training graph is no longer on the right scale and unable to start training. By pressing start it says that the training is finished.

What version of the app do you have? Also why does it show 186 for FTP in one screen and 190 in the other? Did you change your FTP? I just tested this in a few versions of the app and I am not seeing this lower scale like you are.

V 1.8.2 Yes I changed the FTP value this morning from 186 to 190.

Congradulations on the raise :slight_smile: . Interesting I just tried 1.8.2 on iOS and it does not do this. I will test Android. Really we have 1.8.13 now that is totally new and coming soon… so I will make sure it works there correctly.

Great, I can’t wait for this new version. You are really involved in its development and you listen to users. :+1:

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