Startup in Free-Ride

I’m using Android with a Neo 2. Perhaps I’m missing something but whenever I start up TrainerDay with my Neo, the first segment will always be in free-ride mode. TrainerDay only switches to Erg mode the moment it hits the second segment (i.e. the target power level changes). This is a small annoyance in an otherwise fabulous app. This happens without any other devices connected to the trainer. I’m using the Neo in standalone (no AC power connected) mode but I start pedalling before starting the app.

Really weird. I will ask my tester to unplug his neo and see if it does this. We have many neo users here and never heard of this unless it happens to be a new bug for unplugged (I agree it should not matter as I have use our app often unplugged with Neo in the past). Make sure your Neo has latest firmware.

I should also say I can think of lots of temporary fixes as I think I know what is happening. Maybe this is a Neo 2 only issue. We have a Neo 1 and 2T and have not seen this on Android or iOS.

  1. If you edited each workout and started the with a ramp. Say going from 40%-60%, it would probably fix it.
  2. Pressing the next button and going to the next segment.
  3. Turn off auto-pause and then press start rather than it auto-starting might fix it.

I believe I know how we can fix it so you don’t have to do these work arounds but it’s just a strange issue. We saw a similar issue with a Kickr Bike that everytime it paused it switched to resistance mode. We put some code in place to fix this and we could do something similar here. Let me know if any of those above fix the issue and then I will know the fix.

Thank you for the quick response. My Neo 2 was still on its initial firmware from 2019 (0.18). I updated to 0.36 and all is working perfectly. I tested it several times to be sure. As a bonus, the update allows my Garmin to show seperate left and right power.

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Oh great to hear!!!