Strava files upload / sync slowly (RESOLVED)

Below is the message I got from Deniel


I have seen a few times that my workouts doe not upload to Strava… Sometimes it takes a day or two, but really lack the possibility to see that Status of Strava uploads on my Workouts. Right now I have a workout that I did yesterday that has not yet been uploaded.

Regards and thanks for a fantastic app! Keep up the good work


My response was that we are going to add monitoring ASAP to make sure this is stable and figure out why it is not.

Does anyone else experience this? I heard it before. My rides are there quickly but my rides are short.

So, we put monitoring in place and it syncs consistently very quickly from our server to strava. I think it is possible what happens is if you don’t have a great internet connection or you close the app quickly after finishing the ride it does not have time to sync to the server so it just sits on your phone until possibly the next day when you open the app again. This is just a theory but we will improve visibility in the app to sync status and possible sync when app is closed or in the background.

So after monintoring and seeing that it is consisently fast we decided that the reason for this is if you close the app before the workout syncs to our servers then it is “stuck” in the app waiting to transfer.