Strava Sync issue

New user here. Trying to sync my first workout with Strava to no avail. I need to figure out how to get into the Strava sign-in credentials screen to make sure that info is correct.

Strava should sync no problem. Please provide any more info if you can. The biggest problem we see for new users is they have a second strava account they forgot about and logged into the wrong one. We have monitoring in place to show if something is not working and I don’t see any errors so I would just say disconnect and connect again. You might see a button you have on our apps and devices page, to click to sync past activities.

I can’t find a “sync past activities” button on the apps and devices page. I disconnected the Strava sync to try to check and re-enter my strava credentials, but it just connects without asking for credentials.

Ok for now you can just go to the My Activities page in our web site, click on the activity you finished and download the TCX file and upload to strava. It should sync your next activities. Not sure why that button is not showing. You could disconnect again, and go to strava and disconnect here

And then re-connect just to make sure if you want or just see if it works the next time.