Stress level for activities from Strava

Besides my indoor training, I’m incorporating some outdoor rides that I measure with Strava.
I would really appreciate if those imported actrivities would include stress level so I can estimate my weekly load including them.
I don’t know how the stress estimation mechanism works, but I assume that is it calculated from power, duration and HR, so it should be possible to calculate it from the data imported from Strava.
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We only do it from power data. If you have power data outdoor let me know and I can review why yours is not showing. We should improve this and show stress from HR also.

Oh, That explains it. The power data from my outdoor rides is just Strava’s estimate since I do not have power meter. So the stress level based on HR would be helpful for sure.

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I’ll put in a “vote” for calculating stress from Strava rides either using HR or their “calculated power”. I’m not sure which of those is possible or desirable, but something like that would hit the spot as outdoor riding gets more seasonably enjoyable in my neck of the woods. Thanks!

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What methods does Strava use to measure stress levels for various activities, and how accurate are these measurements?

I believe they use some variant of what everyone else uses which originated from TSS. HR TSS or Power TSS, and if you are not using power or TSS they probably revert to virtual power estimates.