Suggestions for improvement

First of all, congratulations on your application which perfectly meets my needs. It is simple and contains the essentials.
However here is a list of suggested improvements.

  1. Be able to share activity to Garmin connect with mileage if possible. I’m talking about the activity that is in History.

  2. Choice of more or less loud sound

  3. A final of the exercise more in apotheosis

  4. FTP test which proposes which calculates the FTP at the end and proposes to update it in the user parameters

  5. History, being able to delete / modify an activity. To be able to consult the history on the website.

  6. Ability to add speed, mileage on the training screen

  7. To be able to launch a Spinning test of the home trainer

  8. To be able to use the application in an outdoor bike without a power sensor and without a home trainer, with target heart rate.

  9. Display the name of the workout on the training screen of the app to know which workout is in progress.

That is a very good list. :slight_smile: If you search in this forum up will see some detailed responses to these same requests.

  1. Not possible (search garmin in this forum and you will see detailed responses)
  2. Also a request. I suggest you search and vote for it
  3. This might be a request but that seems worth creating a new request for. I agree with this
  4. Yes - I want to do this, ideally soon
  5. Yes - Delete is coming soon, hopefully history won’t be too long. Don’t plan on doing edit right now.
  6. I am avoiding adding anything that does not seem critical for improving training but you can add this as a request. I am considering in the future a new speed based and slope based training screen.
  7. I think you mean spin-down. Yes I think this is a request. I would like to do this but it won’t probably be very soon unless I get a lot of requests
  8. This is very interesting. I have a conversation about this and would love you to add your ideas thoughts. TrainerDay outdoor app?
  9. I think their is a request for this. It does seem nice but we don’t have much room, maybe when you tap on the chart (zoom) it tempoarily displays it for example. If you want to search or create a request for this it would be ideal.
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I add

  1. On the website add a link to the feature request page which are very difficult to find now.

Sorry Yvan, I was not clear. I just meant to create seperate requests here in the forum. I am going to remove these feature requests from the website. I don’t know how you found those :slight_smile:

I created this for you

And you can just vote here and add any comments

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