Swimerg workout pause/stop buttons

Pause and Stop buttons are right next to each other within the app and it is very easy (I have done few times already) to click on stop during the workout instead of “pause”.
The problem with the implementation of “stop” button is that it is final - once “Stop” is pressed there is no way to resume a workout - your options are only to discard a workout or save it.

I propose to change the implementation of stop/pause to have just one button instead of two: pressing on stop once should act as pause (resume button should show up) and pressing the stop button for the second time is the actual stop and that should offer save and discard.

But even if my proposal is not good for some reason I still would recommend some solution to safeguard against mistaken pressing on “stop” without a way to revert

This is a good suggestion. It used to be like this and it changed and I don’t know why or when. We will fix this in the next few weeks.

I should say on that save dialog there is an X at the top that allows you to continue the workout.

thank you