Switching between ERG and Free Ride

Hopefully, I put this in the right place.
I have noticed what I am labeling as a bug, but it’s more of an inconvenience/strange behavior.

When I am doing a workout, I sometimes like to switch out of ERG mode and into resistance mode to hit the short bursts above threshold stuff. However, when I touch the toggle, the resistance defaults to its lowest setting. After those intervals when I have a cool down or another block of longer below threshold section in the workout, I switch back to ERG mode. When I switch back to resistance mode, it does not remember the last setting, so then I have to hit the + button several times to get it where I had it for the last set.

I would expect it to remember the last used resistance setting when toggling back and forth. Maybe not once the workout or app is closed, but at least during the active workout so you can freely toggle back and forth between Free Ride and ERG mode.

I think you are right. That is probably the best way to do it until you start a new workout. We will do that.