Sync our Calendar to Garmin (Available to Paid members)

Ok here is a video showing our new sync to Garmin feature.

This is sync to Garmin but sync to TrainingPeaks is coming next and that will be amazing for people wanting to use Coach Jack Plans on other platforms like Zwift or Rouvy.

Also direct editing CJ plans and syncing to our calendar and to the other calendars is basically done as well.


Ok this is now available.

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Hi Alex, how do i adjust or edit the workout title from showing my FTP when the workouts are loaded to the garmin calendar? thanks!

Hi Dennis

You can’t we do this because these workouts are only valid in Garmin for a specific FTP as they are power based not percent based. No one has asked yet to remove this but I am not surprised you don’t find it ideal. Is there a specific reason.

Hi Alex - nothing specific just dont want my my super high FTP to show when the workouts are posted in Strava :grin: