Target cadence export on Wahoo Elemnt

I exported a workout I created in Trainerday in erg mode on my wahoo elemnt bolt. My workout contains a target cadence, which is a single value for each power value, but it does not appear on my elemnt. Is there a way to export the target cadence on my bike computer?

Hi Isabelle have we got a cool new feature for you :slight_smile: Assuming you are paid we now have a direct integration with Wahoo. It will come out tomorrow. I assume cadence targets will work although I did not test this, we should be able to make it work pretty quickly if it doesn’t. Generally ERG files don’t support cadence targets ZWO do but I don’t know how to load ZWO to Wahoo. Another option is to connect your Wahoo to free trainingpeaks account and our app to free trainingpeaks account and send it that way and it should have cadence targets as well but our direct integration will be simpler.