Target Power different across apps

I just started using Trainer Day and the Coach Jack feature to create my training plans. The TD plan is sent to Training Peaks to sync with Zwift for indoor rides and my Hammerhead Karoo for outdoor. Additionally, I sync the plan to for forecasting and analysis.

After I sync a plan, my target power changes in each app. Is it correct to assume that each app is recalculating based on the FTP I have set in each app? Apart from making sure that my FTP is the same across each platform, is there a way to “lock” the values from Trainer Day so that they aren’t changed when syncing?

No, all workouts are % of ftp. We do send specific watts to Garmin, due to a limitation there but that does not help you.

Is the problem just keeping you ftp the same everywhere?

Thanks for the quick response and explanation on how No problem setting my FTP on the different sites. Haven’t tried syncing to the Hammerhead karoo yet though.