Target power mismatch

In the iOS app, I noticed the following:

I was doing a structured workout. In an interval at 95% FTP, I bailed out and reduced resistance to 70%. My understanding is that this means 70% of 95%, so really about 66% FTP.

And in fact, that’s what was showing as my target power. However, the resistance seems to have been set at 70% of FTP. When I dropped resistance another step, to 65%, the two came into agreement. A few minutes later, when I increased back up to 100%, something similar happened: the apparent resistance and actual resistance were both stuck at about 95% of 95%; when I increased to 105% briefly, that “unstuck” the resistance, and when I lowered it to 100% again, everything was OK.

Hi Adam, that is an interesting one. What trainer do you have? Some trainers if they get changes too quickly they throw an error, or have to catch up. It’s especially problematic on ramps. Other apps like zwift wont’ send an update except every 5-seconds. I believe we do this too but if you press + - it’s real time so it could hit that limit. Tacx Neo and Wahoo Kickr don’t seem to have this problem from what I remember.

I just got a new Kickr Bike—this interval session was my second ride on it. If the fix is just to adjust resistance more gradually, that’s easy enough.

It might be the problem. Congratulations on the Kickr bike. I will test this case a bunch with my Kickr.

We are working with one other Kickr bike user with different issues soon and a friend has one so we can try to test that more too. If you can easily reproduce it and want my developer to do a debug session with you we should be able to fix it.

Understood. Let me know if I can help.

You have a Kickr Bike… Would you be open to testing/debugging something for me to see if it works? I just successfully gotten the app (not TD) to work w/ the Stages Bike, now it works automatically.


I’m game. Let me know what to do.

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Yes, I thought we had a feature to not “flood” the device with too many change requests, but it looks like this was never completed. I have just tested it on my kickr and have exactly the same problem. Too many power changes too quickly causes the kickr to not “accept” all the changes. We will work on fixing this but pressing + - slowly especially the last press is important. So if you wanted to go from 100% to 70 you could press - a bunch of times to get to 75% and one more time to 70 after 3-5 seconds. Or go to 70 and if it does not work press up/down slowly.

Thus Far, I’ve only seen that Wahoo trainers have this limitation / flood prevention.
My FEC trainer seems to function fine w/ multiple presses.

Yes my Neo is fine too. I think it might be a problem with Elite also but not 100% sure.

My previous trainer is a Saris H3, and this had not been a problem with it.

Yeah the big boys like Zwift and TrainerRoad solved this already. It requires some very smart logic.

Based on Trainer Specs, the trainer is supposed to send back and acknowledgment when it received / completed the last command sent to it.

Processing this response would do it. But, not all companies follow the specs. (at least that’s what I’m seeing on my own trainer - but then again, my trainer don’t have this issue so I can’t test it)

Yeah this is very hit or miss on which trainers support this. We found most don’t, especially the ones with problems :slight_smile:

We are pretty sure we have this solved in new build in a few days.

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