TD draining phone battery?

I’m on my forth week of base++ now. I just did a 3.5hr workout and I think this is the first time that I’m noticing how much TD drained my iphone 13 mini’s battery. It went from 100% to 20% in 3.5hrs. I was wondering if this is normal? I did a 3h workout last Sunday and I swear my battery life didn’t even come close to being this drained as it did this morning.

You can look under iOS Settings > Battery, which app consumed the most energy at this time.

We have new version out a few minutes ago that should/will be better. But yes TD does use a lot of power.

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Just finished a 1-hour ride that used up 21% of my phone’s battery. This seems to be a lot more than before, because I can’t remember ever noticing such a drain…
Something in the last update that made this worse?

It’s possible. We switched javascript engines that is very possible to affect this. We believe we solved some timing issues but might have decreased battery life. Please pay attention and let us know. Sadly most people did not have timing issues but I think timing problems is still worse than battery life (since it can be plugged in or need to start with charged battery) so we may not really have a choice of switching back. Once we are sure that the new version fixes the timing issues, we can see if there is any optimizations we can do to improve battery life.