The Scrolling Workouts Tab

Hi Alex
When you go to the workouts tab, the app does this weird scrolling thing.

Is there any way to just set it so that when you go to workouts it simply loads the correct workout at the top of the screen workout any auto scrolling.

It would need to do this for both calendar and plan. It’s a really small thing but it weirdly annoys me!


I’ve recently moved over to My Plan rather than using the calendar option. In two cases now I’ve managed to repeat my previous session. This didn’t happen with the calendar option.

I’m starting to think that’s there is a bug in my plans and it’s just not jumping to the right workout. Anybody else has this issue


Obviously when you save, you have to check the check box. I will test this.

Hi Alex, after the first time I did this I noticed the checkbox for the first time. I’ve have kept an eye in this and for me it always seems to be checked and I’ve never had to check it. Now could I have accidentally clicked on it the first time.- possibly.

Yes it is automatically checked. It would seem you might have accidentally unchecked but it’s always possible there is a bug. Since no one else has reported it it seems less likely it is a bug.

Thanks Alex. Out of curiosity what does the check box do. Isn’t it the same as the discard option? But with the discard you get are you really sure box coming up.

No. Discard removes the workout from your history. If you do half the workout and want to save it but repeat it next time don’t check the box. Or maybe you feel off so lower intensity and repeat next time.

Ok thanks Alex