Time discrepancy (resolved)

looks like the time difference between the two timers has getting worse. used to be a second but yesterday, big difference. the workout consists of hill climbs. the difference in time starts midway through the workout. look at both screenshots.

Thanks Pierre yes something happened we are on it.

That messed up my whole workout :slight_smile: i thought it would never end. I was so frazzled. Just kidding. does that happen to the android too? i can switch phone. Best

I think it does. But it does not seem to happen to all users all the time. I hope we will have fix today or tomorrow.

Pretty sure we have this fixed (fixed on my phones) so hopefully it is fully resolved for you too. Still trying to get beta out today. I think you are beta user (I remember our previous beta testing process), but production should be Monday or Tuesday if you are not.

Ok now we really have a fix coming out today (android) tomorrow (apple) that hopefully fully resolves this.

I was wondering. took another snapshot from my workout yesterday and had 9 seconds discrpancy.