Time discrepancy

Downloaded it today and did my first workout. Ended up with roughly a 57s lag in my workout from the image ticker while it was in progress that ended my workout early. When checking the workout history, the image matched the predicted interval shapes. Any ideas? Subscribed to give it a shot vs zwift and cheetah. On iOS with a kickr core

Thanks for giving us a try :slight_smile: We have other forum topics of this problem but generally this is related to your phone or tablet not being fast enough for our app. For most people that have this problem a phone restart and minimizing background apps solves the problem. We also need to improve the performance of our app but this will take some time.

Appreciate the reply. On a new iPhone 13, didn’t think that would be an issue. Will try closing all background apps today and give it another go.

Oh no that should not be the problem. First time I have heard of a fast phone having a problem