Time zone issues? (RESOLVED)

I’m having an issue where when I send a workout to TrainingPeaks it shows up in the calendar for yesterday. I’m assuming this might be a Time Zone issue since I’m in New Zealand.
Is there a way to specify what day a workout goes into Training Peaks or set my Time Zone in Trainer Day.


Hello Sonya, I am sure you are right. We don’t have TZ factored in. We might be able to read it automatically from TP fairly easily just to solve this issue. Hopefully this can be an easy fix. I will update this thread.

Hi Sonya, we now look at the timezone of your browser (computer or phone…) and assuming we can read it and it is set correctly we use that to send the workout. Let us know if that resolved your issue.

Just sent a workout to TP and it still went to yesterday. Never mind - I can drag and drop

Thanks for the feedback, we will still see if we can’t get it fixed. One way or the other we can. My developer just needs to change his timezones to NZ to see if he can duplicate this.