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Hi. I’m doing some hometrainer as I recover from a broken hip. So not trying to do any plan, and no big goals. I really appreciate the today feature. I seem to always choose the recommended or intensity offer. I was just wondering what the “recommended” ride is based on?

Recommended just looks at your last weeks rides and tries to recommend something similar intensity and popular. We are slowly going to start adding more intelligence to it. Intensity is just a bit higher intensity range than recommended but since this is all in ranges recommended could be higher than intensity.

OK, thanks. Works really well for me.

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Does this also take into account going outside?

Not yet but we are working on that very soon. It will be looking at Strava.

PS good to see you again :slight_smile:

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Great ! Can’t wait for it to arrive! And thank you, but don’t worry, I never gave up on TD, I continue to be an avid user

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On an associated point. I select a workout from the website and I add it to the calender for tomorrow or sometimes today.
When I load TD on my ipad the workout never appears in Today or recommended.
I have to manually find it again.

Am I doing something wrong?


So, two things. One is if it is for today, and you don’t refresh, it should keep remembering it and you should not need to add it to your calendar. If you really like it and want to be extra sure, then you can add it to your calendar to today or tomorrow and it will show up on the Today tab as the first workout but you need to make sure you set your calendar as your active plan source.

There are a few ways to do it but see below is one way.