Toggle location to connect power meter

Not sure if this has been covered before, but yesterday i couldn’t connect my wattbike to my phone app. I toggled bluetooth, nothing, then toggled location on and off and it synced straight away. My phone is quite old.

Do you have an Android phone? Androids need location settings on in order to connect with Bluetooth (specifically BLE), so this could be why you needed to toggle location in order to get it to work

Weird but helpful, thanks


BLE Bluetooth needs to be scanned using something called “beacons” because occasionally, these types of devices might send information about the user’s locations (training devices not really, but other devices may). Also, in order for an Android device to connect to Bluetooth in the background, it needs to keep location on. Just to prevent any potential issues.

Granted, the majority of apps - including trainerday - don’t use or collect any location info.

It’s a bit weird, like you say. Even more so for developers

If you’re interested here is a documentation and article that talks a little about it:

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