Trainer Day App - Power Based Rowing

Hi - I noticed in settings in the Android App a setting that has choices for 4 power-based sports, including rowing. It’s unclear what that setting actually changes or what it’s intended to be used for.
Is there any information on this?


Funny, you are the first person to ask. This was primarily done for a product called Vasa Swim ERG (they are launching new version with Bluetooth very soon)

I know one of the VP’s there and he said their is no good app for swimmers. They currently mostly use TrainerRoad but when they save the workout they have to go and change it from cycling to swimming in TrainingPeaks and Strava for example. So not an idea experience. I assued the same is true for power based rowers so I added them too. I did not want to negatively affect cyclists because that is who we really care about this but this seemed like a low impact way to solve the primary problem.

Ah, so all it does is change the activity type when exported to other sites?

Right now it also uses speed from the device instead of our magic algorithm for cycling. So in the case of swimming that means it automatically sets to 200mm for “wheel size.” But yes the main and we could say only benefit is setting the activity type.

I would also see some rowing machines support in TD. That would be a killer-feature for sure!

We support rowing machines now, meaning if they are power based rowing. I think it should work with the newer concept 2 trainers for example. I don’t know about others. But if people start telling me they are multi-sport athletes using our app we will need to add multiple profiles (or different FTP for different device types).

I was not sure if the Concept2 is the only one or are there any others too?

Ah, well you already know I’m a multi-sport athlete and do rowing on a Concept2 with power.

Do you ever use our app for that?