Trainerday Android application - split screen and floating window

Android 11. It mainly concerns the application used on the tablet, although the smartphone can also be used with a split screen, although the problem is even greater there and the application is practically unusable in this mode.

On the tablet, you can turn on the use of the application on a split screen and / or in the form of a floating window. Unfortunately, bad scaling of the application causes that, apart from full screen, part of the user interface (mainly what is at the bottom) is truncated and the application cannot be used properly.

Similarly, the application as a floating window does not scale properly and the problem is as above.

It is a pity, because on the tablet I would like to have an application running in the upper / lower part of the screen (actually 3/4 of the screen), and a movie, e.g. youtube, displayed at the bottom or at the top.

A correctly displayed floating window would be useful when Chromecast is casting the screen of a mobile device to a TV screen. Alternatively, you could think about the Chromecast interface that allows you to display training data over, for example, a Netflix movie, of course, control still from the mobile device.

If improving the split screen and floating window mode is not possible at the moment, it may prevent the application from entering these modes?

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