TrainerDay e Zwift

Ciao Alex, scusa se non è il posto giusto per la mia domanda. Avendo creato un piano con Coach jack posso eseguirlo sull’applicazione Zwift così da renderlo più divertente, e se è possibile come posso fare per trasferire il mio piano Coach jack su Zwift ? Grazie mille

I think there’s a couple ways to get workouts from TrainerDay to Zwift.

TrainingPeaks can send a workout of the day to Zwift as described here:

If you connect Trainer Day to TrainingPeaks, you can send the workout to TrainingPeaks and it’ll sync to Zwift. I believe you can still do this with a free basic TrainingPeaks account.

Other way is to download/export the workout or plan on TrainerDay and then place the workout files into the Zwift folder as detailed here:

Thank you so much s_l, this is a perfect response!!! :slight_smile: Yes it works with the free version of TrainingPeaks but you must send your workout each day there. If you have a paid TrainingPeaks and a Paid TrainerDay account you can send an entire Plan to TrainingPeaks.

Probably the paid version of TrainingPeaks or the file copy method are the better choices when you have a full plan. With file copy I would copy 1 month at a time there.

Grazie mille a tutti, proverò a farlo

Alex has a video on exporting the entire plan and copying to zwift:

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Funny I don’t even remember the videos I create any more… Thank you.