Trainerday in background on Android

I am using trainerday on my android phone. When I start a workout and switch to Netflix, trainerday does not follow the workout any longer, it just stays on the same amount of watts, when It gets focus again it catches-up. But can I configure trainerday to interact with my trainer (swift hub) when it’s in the background so it follows my workout when I’m watching something else

I think this is a phone setting but I am not an Android expert. Our app needs a lot of resources and your phone is putting our app in low power mode in the background. We used to have problems like this but fixed it snd have not heard anything in a long time. Also battery percentage can affect it.

We will test this to make sure we can’t duplicate the issue also.

Yup, noticed this as well. I was pedalling away and had to switch to slack for something, when I switched back TD had certainly lost its position. It basically lasted in the rest period (was there at the moment) about a minute longer and then fast forwarded to about a minute into the sprint and ramped wattage up.

Its actually quite easy to replicate. Be spinning with TD and switch apps over, come back after 30~60s you will see the timer numbers zip through super fast to land at where it should be.

Pixel 7 on android 14 if that helps/matters.

We will try to replicate it. I think it is related to Android battery is low or has settings to try to save power. Disable power savings.

When running TD in the background on my Samsung phone, the app seems to set itself to pause after about two minutes.
Is it usually this way?
Could this be prevented somehow?

Thanks in advance!

Hi moved this to this thread you can read above. Let me know if you still run into issues.

Sorry guys, my tester was able to duplicate some background issues. We will investigate and fix it.

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