TrainerDay Ramp Test

Hi there!
I love your app! It is exactly what I need!
I came here from TrainerRoad and left there because I felt exactly the same way about it as Dylan Johnson described in his video recently, but my criticism was not as well founded scientifically.

However, I am puzzled with the different ramp test workouts!
On my app there is a workout in the default list “20-Free App Workouts” called “TrainerDay Ramp test”. This is the automatic ramp test that goes on until I fail and then auto-calculates the new FTP. So far so good.

It appears that I cannot find this workout in the web interface to add it to another list. I usually plan my workouts from the web interface. This week I accidentally scheduled another ramp test workout called “Ramp test”. I found it in the list “Favorites”. I cannot remember to have created that list at all. Unfortunately this is a different ramp test, that is not scripted, but rather ends after some max value. Very unfortunate, in my case the test ended at approximately 95 % of what I was capable of pushing. Imagine how frustrated I felt after going through 95 % of the pain and then getting nothing out of it!

I would love it to be clearer what ramp test is the scripted one from TrainerDay! Ans also being able to save it to a custom list.
Doing the wrong workout accidentally is frustrating!


Oliver, very happy to have you. Yeah I used to use TR but never used their workouts and plans so it seemed too expensive for a self-coached platfom.

Very sorry to hear about not finishing the ramp test that is no fun for sure. Did you set your FTP correctly before taking the test? I just added a few steps to reduce the chances of this happening.

Yes it looks like that ramp test is a private workout (I will change it to public) but here is a link to it so you can add it to your library.

In the workouts there are more Ramp tests on the web interface and choose carefully and put into Favorites because they are made by other users. I chosen a ramp test that have 6 steps after FTP and that is my limit, i was thinking about the failure you had so i chosen an other one that has more steps after FTP and i skipped manually when i stopped.

Thanks for the quick reply and the link!
I have now added it to one of my lists, so I will always use the right workout from now on!

My FTP was set correctly in the app and I have only improved by 10 - 20 Watts since last time.

I still cannot find the “TrainerDay Ramp Test” from the workout search. Its popularity is also blank.

Ok I just made this workout public.

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