Training App not rotating correctly (fixed)

Hi Alex!

Wanting to check t to see if anyone else is having an issue with the training app not showing the profile correctly when started in the horizontal position on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7? It will clear and show properly if you rotate to portrait and back to horizontal. Sometimes have to do it a couple of times but does clear.



p.s. I have a video of needed.

I was seeing some issues with this version then they seemed to be fixed. Let us keep testing this. I will let you know if I need a video.

I have problems with rotating too. Yday it didnt work at all. Also the power curve stopped recording, i found out i had to change the view to continue track the power. Im using a Android tablet.

Sorry about that Viktor. My developer is working on landscape for phones right now so I asked him to spend more time improving the rotation of tablets as well. Hopefully we can have this fixed in the next week or so.

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Alex so you know, it would not even rotate on my tablet at all this morning. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7. There was also display issues with the graph at the bottom.


Sorry and thanks for the update. Should be fixed soon.

New build is coming later today Android and tomorrow iOS. This issue should be fixed although it seems to affect some tablets more than others so we can’t be 100% sure. We are hopeful :slight_smile:

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Looks like all is working again! Thanks guys!!



Well done.

Landscape on my phone!!!

Was the only thing that wasn’t perfect for me!

Thanks for your efforts!