Training by Speed

I wanted to share this feature request not as something I would use, but something I know my partner would use and probably many others.

I posted about adding speed & cadence data to workouts, but this goes a little further.

It would be very cool to let users train by speed. It might open up training to a huge number of people who have basic resistance trainers, interested in getting healthier and riding their bike indoors, but aren’t as committed (or insane) as some of us!

I think there are a lot of casual users who own trainers but don’t have access to, or care about, power and/or heart rate data. They own simple resistance trainers and aren’t going to invest buckets of money on a smart trainer. The price of Trainer Day could be very appealing to this group of casual users, especially if they could train by speed.

Setting up a speed sensor is much more affordable and simpler than a power meter. A speed sensor can be left on the bike, and doesn’t require any additional wearables. Just get on the bike and ride.

If there were an option in Settings to “train by speed” with a % that let you control effort, it could be as simple as enabling “train by speed” and the app could automatically convert % FTP to MPH (or KPH) as the target. Tweaking the % could adjust the effort.

Just sharing thoughts there, but I could see this opening up training/casual healthy rides to a large number of users who just have access to a bike, a resistance trainer, and a smartphone.