Triathlon Specific Plan by Coach Jack

Hello Everyone,

Just registered today.

A little bit about me. I have been doing triathlon since 2011. To date, I’ve completed 13 half ironmans and 7 Full Ironmans triathlons. I just got back into training in May of this year after 4yrs hiatus due to a career change. In the past, I’ve used training plans and trainer road to help me build up my training.

I have a very ambitious goal for next year. My best half ironman is 5:03 (2017) and I would like to go below 5hours for half Ironman eagleman on June 9th.

Ive played around with Coach Jacks plan and his suggestion came up with 6hours a week bike and peak at 17:30 for the bike alone.

Im looking to get better in the bike and be able to hold a better average power. I currently have a 235w FTP and would like to be able to bring that up and sustain a 80% power of the FTP.

My questions is where do I begin that aligns with my goal above?
Ive looked at the training plans and there seemed to be a lot of options I just dont know where to start.

Thank you and looking forward to your answer


I hope one day “Coach Jack” build an Triathlon plan !