Trying to understand plans

Hi there,

I am new to Trainerday and just in the process of trying out (and understanding) all the neat features.

I have created a ‘workout’ and added it to a plan under ‘my plans’. Is it possible to view/run/ride this plan in the app (free) or do I need to upgrade for that?

Also, a seperate question - I noticed the ‘intensity’ label on some workouts. My understanding is that this is like a % of FTP (e.g. 0.8 = 80% of # FTP). Is there any further source where I can read up and understand what intensity level would be appropriate to assign for custom workouts?

Many thanks,

Hi Vas, yes you must upgrade to use your plan or your workouts in our app. You can download and use the files for free in GoldenChetah for example.

Intensity comes from the term IF (intensity factor) in TrainingPeaks. The ideas of TSS(stress) and CLT relate to intensity. There is a lot to learn there if you want but unless the math of endurance cycling really interests you I would ignore this as you can get fast (faster) by riding more with some varied workouts and good recovery. If you really want more info I can find you links or you can read a book like Training with a power meter by Allen/Coggan.