[Tutorial] Intervals.icu // Coach Jack // TrainingPeaks // Wahoo Head Unit

Hi, with this post I’d like to try and clarify a workflow that seems to be “needed” by a bunch of people over at the Intervals.icu forum (especially Wahoo users). I’ll update this post once all is clear, to keep this top post current, so it’s all clear in the top post with no need to read through the whole thread :wink:

What I want to do

  • plan everything in Intervals.icu
  • Ride Indoors (both with nice virtual worlds and just with workouts next to some streaming service watching tv shows)
  • Ride outdoors (with workouts on my Wahoo head unit)

What I don’t want to do

  • pay for more services (other than Intervals and TrainerDay)
  • play around on websites (other than Imtervals)

From what I understand that leaves me with the following workflow:

  • start a subscription in TrainerDay (to access the coach)
  • use Coach Jack to start a training plan (hopefully matching what I want on the biking end already)

That’ll then “automagically” sync to

  • Intervals.icu
  • TrainingPeaks

Which in turn gives me:

  • planning in Intervals.icu (changes sync back to TD and in turn to TP automatically?)
  • training in TD (next to watching TV)
  • workouts in TrainingPeaks which sync both to
    • my Wahoo head unit (for riding outdoors)
    • to MyWhoosh (which gives me virtual rides for free)

Am I missing something here? Any steps that I’d have to take manually? Like trigger syncing?

Again, I’m not planning to pay for TrainingPeaks so I’m good with having workouts not “planned into the future” on my head unit or in MyWhoosh as those two are only really relevant on the day of. And if I understand correctly in Intervals.icu I’d have the whole plan layed out, syncing nicely with TD

So yes, this is your best option, there is only one problem currently. We don’t have a sync to Intervals, only a send to intervals. So you could send your plan there but as you change it, you would need to change it in both Intervals and TD. My developer that normally would be doing this work is busy on ChatGPT stuff at the moment but after that is done I think he can move to Intervals one way sync from TD>Intervals, so changing your calendar for now would need to be done in TD. In the future we will consider two way sync but that will be partial 2-way. Adding or modifying actual workouts would need to be done in TD side but moving calendar items could be two way sync.

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So to do this when you create a CJ plan, you send to calendar and then save again and say send to My Plans and from my plans you can send to intervals. It’s obviously not perfect. TP being the gatekeeper (and me not wanting to risk frustrating them) and Wahoo not having an API being the biggest issues here.

Hmmm, that sounds a bit “too complicated” to me for now. But I’m looking forward to some workflow like that.


So the exact described situation is also relevant for me now. Is there any future update in how I can get my Intervals.icu Data into TD? I Just finished important all my training plans there.

Addon question, is there a simple table somewhere that shows where TD can get the Data from?

You can use our app and the WOD feature with your intervals calendar, but no way to get intervals plans or workouts without download and upload. TrainingPeaks is smart here they are the holder of the keys.

Sorry maybe I was unclear.
I only want to upload scheduled workouts from Intervals.icu TO TrainerDay, is that possible?

It depends on what you mean by TrainerDay. If you mean the website that it requires download upload. If you mean our app then yes you can follow the workout in our app.

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