Unable to create a plan with Coach Jack


after subscribing the premium membership I’m not able to create a plan with Coach Jack.

steps I followed:

  1. I click on “Create your first plan”
  2. I click on “Connect with STRAVA”
  3. I click on “Authorize”
  4. I get again in the first page

if I click again on “Create your first plan”, it continues on the same loop.

I verified that Strava already registered the “connection” with trainerday.

Can you help me?

Strange. Can you go to our apps and Devices page to see if it shows Strava is connected? Also try skipping Strava


yes it seems connected:

Skipping Strava worked. Not sure if it is an important difference!

It’s a little better recommendation but really you have all the same options without Strava. My developer was busy today but I will try to have him look tomorrow. It’s something with your Strava data causing an issue but still a bug nevertheless.

OK Thanks Alex

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Hi Alex,

I’m having the exact same issue here, I signed up for the TrainerDay plan yesterday 11/22.

Checking Apps & Devices also shows me connected to Strava. Skipping Strava works.

Thanks - Samer

Strange I will have my developer research this tomorrow. I have a second developer on this now so we should be able to fix this.