Unable to load workouts (resolved)

I am currently having issues getting workouts to load after the most recent update. This is on an Android but I am having the same issue on my iPad.
The workout of the day from intervals is not updated with my current workouts and when I add manually created workouts to my favorites or custom list, they also do not refresh.
After uninstalling the app from my phone and reinstalling, it’s also not pulling any lists or custom lists.

Sorry about that very strange. We will fix this ASAP.

Temporarily I would turn of Intervals WOD. Maybe it is something wrong with a specific workout in Intervals. See if that fixes it. And we will research.

I just added Intervals WOD to my plan and I could see it no problem. My developers will have to look at your specific account.

Thank you.
Unchecking the box for WOD did allow it to sync the manually created workouts. As soon as I check it back, the refresh button does not work and it does not sync any new workouts on either the WOD or my manually added ones.

Thanks for looking into it.

Ok thanks for verifying. We should be able to get this fixed ASAP. Something strange with one of your workouts but still our bug.

Should be fixed now, this was kind of a bug or abnormality in the data from intervals but we made a change that should resolve it.

Just wanted to report back, I tried it out last night and it was working again!
Thank you for your help and responsiveness!

Cool, great to hear.