Unable to select HR mode with Apple Watch

I’m quite excited for Zone 2 HR training but unfortunately am not able to select HR in quick start. My heart rate shows up, and both the trainer and heart rate monitor (Apple Watch) are connected. That said, the HR mode button is grayed out so I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Any advice would be much appreciated!

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Oh yes, it does not work with Apple Watch yet. Sorry about that. We will try to get that working soon.


This would be a great feature, Alex.

I got the same issue, but with my Garmin FR935. Heart rate shows up in the display but I can’t select the HR mode?

My HR is connected via the Zwift hub, not direct like an Apple Watch.

You would need to connect your watch directly to our app not through the smart trainer. We currently don’t read HR coming from smart trainers. I have FR 955 and it works fine.

Thank you for that information. It appears my Garmin is too old for that. I think starting from FR 945 it works.

Let’s see what changes first… me buying a newer Garmin model or trainerday implementing that feature :smiley:

Garmin 945 will work for sure. I had one and now have 955 and it works perfect if you just turn on broadcast HR. Or maybe you mean connecting strap to watch and broadcasting, that might work too. Have not tried that.

Does this work with an Apple Watch now?


We have lots of users it works fine for and a few that it does not. You should be able to test it with free version of our app. If you run into any issues the main problem is permissions in apple health.