Updates to intervals.icu no populating (RESOLVED)

i have been trying to send 2 weeks of my training plan across to Intervals.icu and they are not appering. is this a Intervals issue or a TrainerDay issue please? :thinking:


ive added a forum item on intervals

i’m making a leap that you are working together in some way :slight_smile:

We will figure it out ASAP. Can you send me a link to your plan?

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Sorry I just tested this and it works fine. See this video. It must be something with one of the workouts in your plan. Please send me a link to your plan.

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I removed the link to that private plan as I think it is better private :slight_smile: Yes I see the problem. It pushes 2 of the workouts but stops on the 3rd one we will figure this out. If you delete the 3rd workout in week 3 it should work or you can push the other workouts manually for now but clicking and going to the details page of the workout and sending it but they you have to go to intervals to change the date of them. We will probably have this fixed tomorrow though.

Cheers mate I have a few weeks before they come up so that’s fine I’ll just wait on. I’ve been adding weekly because I wanted to make sure that the power level was correct before I pushed it over to the Garmin connect and edge. Not sure if that’s necessary or not but seems reasonable!

Yes, this and the idea that peoples schedules change is exactly why we created the feature of pushing individual weeks. Really happy that you are taking advantage of it.

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Simon this is fixed. It appears there were some special HTML characters in one of the workouts descriptions that caused this problem. We have removed these characters. We also removed all the extra stuff from the title when it gets pushed to intervals.icu which looks much better now.

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@Alex appreciate the work you guys have put in on this i understand you are small team. I’ve been using ergDB via in Golden cheetah for some time but this is another level :slight_smile:
i’m spreading the word on your site :star_struck:

That is so cool you have been with us Simon. I get a notification when users subscribe to a paid plan and I am so happy when I see guys with low userId’s meaning they have been here since the ERGdb days. Thanks for supporting us and really happy this is working for you. ~alex

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