Uploading to Training Peaks, workout power errors

I have been using a free training peaks account to download my workouts (self made or Coach Jack) to my wahoo elmnt bolt. Lately I note that the power levels that i see in the workout in trainerday are about 20% higher than what I see in training peaks once i push “send to (power)” Is this a glitch or am I missing a step somewhere? (MAC OSX with Chrome)

Hi, it sounds like you have a different FTP set in TP then TD. That assumes you mean actual Watt values when you say power.

I don’t know, if this is related but there’s something off with the TSS and Intensity calculations for workouts designed by Coach Jack. (For all other workouts it’s working fine).

These are the values from the training plan:


And these are the values after sending the workout to intervals.icu


FTP is the same on both platforms and as mentioned before, it only happens with the workouts from the plan, not with self designed workouts.

Edit: The actual Watt-values are the same on both platforms!

Edit 2: These are the values on TrainingPeaks.


Thanks……. I logged into TP and the FTP again matching what’s in TD. Funny thing was though that TP seems to revert every few days to a different number , I guess perhaps since I only use it to trasfer data not log my all my training it keeps adjusting downwards.

Thanks for pointing this out, we are using a custom designed TSS/IF calculator in Jack to maximize performance so you get these super fast real-time changes to a lot of workouts. We had seen an issue before and thought it was resolved. Looks like it needs a bit of attention. We will get this resolved soon.

That’s strange. I have never seen that behavior of TP changing FTP, I know Xert does that but I don’t think TP does. Sounds like this issue is resolved for you for now. I will pay attention if I hear about this changing FTP in TP issue.