Urgent help! impossible to save my workout! (iPhone mini memory problem - RESOLVED)

I just complete my FTP and it is impossible to save my workout! the app shutdown every time I press save! The only other option is discard and obvious I don’t want to do it after all the effort!
Thanks a lot


Just responding here as I already responded via email. There is a problem with these iPhone mini’s that they don’t seem to have enough memory for using our app. Glad restarting your phone allowed you to save your workout.

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I have the same problem on my iPhone 14 Pro. By restarting the phone I was able to save the workout, but it still crashed after sending the data to Strava.

That’s crazy on 14pro. How long was your ride?

About 30 minutes in this case. It’s been doing the same thing for a few weeks. Most recent:

Do you use an apple watch by chance? I have managed to get crashes when a workout stops and my watch is connected but the battery is dead. We also see crash reports with iphone 14 pro that related to apple watch.