Using Garmin as my Calendar Source for TrainerDay Training App

Hey, @Alex I’m currently a freemium user of TD and have been using the BreakAway app in the past. I’m looking for an app where I can export my current Garmin plans and do the workout on an indoor trainer. Does TD have this functionality in their premium version? can we sync Garmin plans and do a workout with HR/ERG mode combination? Also, are the CJ plans adaptive or static in nature throughout the plan period?

Hi there and welcome. There is no way to use Garmin as a source for plans, you are actually the first to ask for this. I would say TrainerDay is a much better place to store your plans :slight_smile: Because we are such an open platform and you can easily download your plans or distribute them where ever you want. Not to mention organization and managing these are better in TrainerDay and this part of TD is all free. It’s just pushing plans to Garmin, TP and farther is not free.

But that does not help you today. I will turn this into a feature request because if more people want this I am fine doing it. Even using Garmin as a calendar source for our app is interesting idea that I am surprised no one has asked for. We allow IntervalsICU as calendar source in our app for example.

Coach Jack is static, the way it is designed is that you can use the original plan builder and easily do updates as you go but still it is static. We have been working on a dynamic version and it is working but still I see it will be a long time (might be a year) before we actually launch it for general use.


Thanks much @Alex for quick response. Do let us know when (and if) this functionality gets released.

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