Using Garmin Edge 530 with SFR #1 workout

Send the SFR #1 workout to garmin as i want to use it on my garmin edge 530 to do the workout. Somehow, when going for the next interval, the power drops suddenly and felt no resistance at all, it will takes a few seconds to have the resistance back.

Oh that is strange. Sounds like a Garmin issue with your trainer but I will have my tester try this. What trainer do you have?

Elite Suito.

Can you also try our app? I am realizing some trainers don’t do well with super low rpm.

I have tried your app using both iPhone and Android, no problem. The only problem is the odd cadence frequently.

Another reason is, there aren’t TSS display on my garmin connect if i use mobile app to do workout, that is why i have the workout send to garmin and do the workout with my edge 530, so that it will register the TSS.

Did you try SFR with our app? Yes we are going to fix this cadence problem ASAP. You also can use our app to control the trainer but use the Garmin to record your workout, which is a solution some people do.

Tried SFR once before using your app. Will do it again, shall let the app control the trainer and have garmin edge record my workout.

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Hi Alex.
When training with the Garmin Edge 530 and Elite Direct Training Roller. When changing levels, it loses power and then makes a lot of force until it returns to normal. I think that in the app it doesn’t. It’s not normal is it?

Is it better to go to intervals and then
to garmin