Using mixed measurements [Metric+Imperial for CAD]

I havent seen a way to unbind distance and weight preferences. I selected metric and have km’s for distance and kilos for weight. It’s just a small thing, but it should be changed to select your distance preference and your weight preference, even temp should be a prefence. In Canada we are officially on the metric system, but our proximity and ties to the USA has a large cultural influence. We typically use Celcius for temp, KMs for distance and Pounds for weight. Some in the more senior generations will still use miles. I thought you should know it would be very convenient for Canadian and maybe other users.

I am an American living in Europe so I understand. Slowly I am more and more metric but I still have imperial deeply engrained. I don’t see myself ever picturing 10cm like I do a foot. Or really estimating a temperature in celcius very accurately. You are the first to request it. I will consider it. I think most people rarely change these values so a one time conversion seems fairly painless. But yes seeing the values on the site, I understand.