Using Trainerday with Final Surge (Updated switched to IntervalsICU)

I love Trainerday, I tried it a few years ago but its funtionality is worlds apart from what it was and I am so glad I have recently rediscovered it… subscription was a no-brainer.
I know we can sync our training plan in Trainerday to Training Peaks but I am a user of Final Surge to manage my training schedule.
Does anyone know if there are there any plans to have the facility to sync to Final Surge as we can with Training Peaks?


Hi Wayne, this is the first request for this. I have not looked at Final Surge in a long time. Which aspect of integration are you interested in? Using their calendar to execute workouts in our app? Or pushing workouts or plans from our platform to final surge? It seems it would require their approval to do this.

Hi Alex.
I was thinking pushing your workouts and plans to their calendar as I have used their sofware to manage my training programme up to now.
However, I discovered around the same time I re-discovered Trainerday and I am a big fan of the integration you have with that software and it allows me to push all my Trainerday workouts to my Garmin devices, as well as my self-planned run and swim workouts.
This seems to be working really smoothly at the moment so maybe I don’t really need Final Surge integration after all.

Thanks for your prompt reponse though, love your software.


Yeap, TrainerDay and make a great combination.

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