VASA Swim Erg workout tag

Is it possible to send workout tag to trainingpeaks as part of synching with TrainingPeaks?
I just created a swim erg workout in TrainerDay and assigned a “VASA:” tag to it. Then when I looked at the synched workout in trainingpeaks the tag was missing.

The tag is very good to have in trainingpeaks as it will let me distinguish between swims in the pool and swims on VASA - in trainingpeks both types of workouts are categorized as “Swim” and unless there is a tag I cannot run a report to differentiate between the two.

I love this request!!! You are the first swimErg user fully understanding how to get an optimized workflow between TD and TP that I have have heard from. :slight_smile: This seems like a good idea and should not be hard to do assuming the TP API supports us inserting tags. I will let you know.

Hello, any update on adding a “Vasa” tag when sending the workout to TP?

Oh nice, a second user interested in this. RIght now my developer is super busy for the next few weeks to a month but after that hopefully we can get to this and I wil see if there is any way to slip this in sooner.