Viiiiva seen as power not HR

Was doing a ride tonight and HR just left ,changed battery and though maybe something else stole the signal but Wahoo bolt showed it
Looked under sensors in the app and it appears it views both my 4iiii Precision and my Viiiiva as power to the H3
iPhone Xr
Unloaded app and reloaded,turned BT off and on same results
H3 worked fine with whatever signal it got

I’m not really sure about this, but if I remember correctly, your Viiiva HRM can receive Ant+ channels from your power sources.

I suspect that this is what’s happening here - I guess that if you choose the Viiiva, it will record both power and HRM.

You would want to make sure that the power it captures is from your Hammer indoors and your Precission outdoors.

Or, only from your Precission, to ensure compatibility between in- and outdoors.

We have seen similar with other devices, it might broadcast that it has power also, so I don’t remember the other device but we had to ignore HR from a power meter and now in this case it appears we need to ignore power from an HR device. This is probably why zwift allows you to choose where is your HR coming from, where is your power coming from. We tried to do it more simplified and assign devices to a category. It’s strange it was working and stopped working. I will see what my app developer thinks.

Yes, it was an early ant+ BT bridge setup but my Precision PM is also BT as is the H3 and I have yet to understand how to prioritize them other than PowerMatch the Precision which I have done, the HR strap dropped signal so I unpaired from everything then changed battery (showing 48% in the 4iiii app) and resynched and it came up as power for some reason. then foolishly discarded the warmup workout which may have been valuable from a diagnostic standpoint for Alex and his team…

There is no companion phone app to switch off the Ant+ to BLE bridge for power or just off?

It seems ideal, but it really only is useful if you have an Ant+ only device that needs to be hooked up to a BLE only app (phone or desktop).

It’s basically doing the same thing as a CABLE.

Wahoo could be showing it as an Ant+ HR device. Yes if you have an BT bridge this sounds more like a problem with the bridge but it was working… Hmm… My developer is preparing for a vacation and focusing on emergencies only at this time otherwise I could have him look a it.

I had only turned on the WaHoo after the HR went away in the app to see if it was the HR strap or the app it as worked before with both units on (and both receiving HR data )
I can capture all the info on my Wahoo and upload that to Strava until your developer gets to it, not a major issue as the app still controls the trainer ERG which is my priority

Cyclopaat, In the 4iiii app you have to pair your Ant+ to the HRM for it to bridge , I have cleared that. it should just be a BT HRM at this point.

Just keeping up with my Motto : Always an Adventure :slight_smile: :joy:

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