Virtual Rides and data collection for upload

Hi. I’m not sure why I can’t figure this one out but I have Ben doing indoor trainer rides and uploading to Garmin. Then it gets auto loaded to Strava. In Strava it is categorized as a “ride”. I can’t change it to “virtual ride”. Is there nothing stored in the .fit file indicating it is a virtual ride?

It isn’t a huge issue but I would like to separate my real rides from my indoor rides at the end of the year.


In strava it is “ride” I think you mean in Garmin? You can download the TCX and edit it in a text editor. We can test this too. Soon I am going to have my developer improve the TCX and fit file exports to be better for garmin. See my strava below

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Cool. Can I ask what you use to edit with?

So Visual Studio Code is free and a nice code editor, but really any text editor both windows and mac have them built in (notepad pc, and textEdit mac) . Here is what it looks like. If I remember, someone said you can’t import a virtual ride into Garmin but I might be wrong. I think if you search the forum someone is talking about importing these files and what they do.

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Thanks but I just tried searching again and I can change the ride to virtual ride within Garmin. So I will see if that works to just manually then upload to Strava. 3 steps, but pretty easy. Thanks again.

I assume you are not using our paid app? If you have the paid one the automatic uploads to strava should be marked as virtual rides, I just showed above that mine is.

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Oh. Ok. There is a possible solution then. Yes I used the paid app. It is the best app out there. Bang for your buck! Thanks for your help!