Vortex Trainer died

Damn, my Vortex died an hour ago. :disappointed:
Now that it was happely maried to Trainerday, I got very attached to it.
When I plugged it in, there was a strange sound followed by the smell of burned electronics.
Anyone has user experience with the Dare2Ride Fuego? Looks like an attractive direct drive trainer.

Oh no… sorry to hear (well not that sorry since I think direct drive is a lot better :slight_smile: … Have not hear of that one. I have Tacx Flux S, a JetBlack Volt and a Elite Suito. I have not done deep comparisons but Elite was my least favorite and I thikn Flux was better than the volt at least from a riding experience. The Volt seems like it might be more industrial but the feel when you stopped pedalling felt like the breaks were on but still seemed like a good trainer. I don’t train that seriously but all of these seemed way better than Tacx Flow (vortex) which I also have. So my guess is you will be happy with anything you get and logevity might be most important. Now all that said, I have a Kickr and a Neo too. I know, most of these came for free or at serious discounts… Kickr and Neo were much better than those others but obviously much more expensive. Other than longevity some how I like the kickr a bit better (I have my bike on it now), mostly it size and transportability but ride is similar to Neo other than the bumpy roads on Neo/Zwift. I say this because if ride experience is more important to you than longevity then I would think the Kicr Core should be similar to Kicrk and might be the best ride experience.

Looking at Dare2Ride I think that might be the same trainer as JetBlack. We have a few Jetblack users here (I am not a real one) but one is super happy with it (he and his girfriend have one).

JetBlack and brakes feeling was partially because I have oval cranks and I could feel this unevenness on JB.

Thanks for the advice.
To be honest, I had mixed experiences with both Tacx and Elite.
Most important are longevity and budget. Regarding Tacx, only the Neo would come to mind since everyone seems happy with it. But it is way out of my budget.
My first trainer was an Elite Mag non-smart. I tought that it wasn’t build too well from a mechanical point. Rode it for 6 winters and had to do some repairs to keep it going. When the Smart trainers became popular, I bought the Vortex. Had it now for 6 years but only rode it during 5 winters. The year we moved, I haven’t done any serious training and nothing indoors.
So I’m looking for another brand that would satisfy me better. It has to be direct drive and I have a budget around 500-550€. 600€ tops if there is a good reason to go that high.
A quick look yesterday turned up the Dare2Ride at bike-discount.de. It is in stock and comes in at 511€, shipment included.

That looks like a good deal. But I have to find some real user experiences too confirm Price/Quality.
The Wahoo’s are probably also above budget unlesss there is a good offer somewhere else.

I buy from bike-discount.de too :slight_smile: Sounds like a decent price and if that is the same as JetBlack I can say it would be fine from my perspective. Really even after having Neo and Wahoo I would be fine with almost any direct drive although Elite I kind of questioned.

I guess they are a little different.

Ordered the Dare2Ride!

Congradulations :slight_smile: Hope it is great.

No football on TV tonight, it’s raining cats and dogs over here and my new DARE2RIDE trainer came in this morning. I guess you know what I will be doing this evening :crazy_face:

Congradulations. Can’t wait to hear about it.

Assembly was not really a breeze. Had some difficulties mounting the cassette because the thread in the hub seemed “rough”. Added some grease after a couple of attempts and then it was ok.
Looks and feels very sturdy from a mechanical POV. Well constructed and nice finish.
Firmware update, pairing with Trainerday all went smooth.
Then, the first ride:
To me it feels awesome! Coming from a wheel-on trainer, this is really a game changer. Quiet, accurate and fast responding. No more need to warm-up the trainer, it is accurate after a few pedal strokes. The power is about 4W lower compared to my pedals. That can be accounted for as a loss in the drive train.
For now I’m very happy with the Dare2Ride Fuego. Let’s hope it will live longer than my Vortex.

Sweet!!! Great to hear. Yeah I only tried a wheel-on for a little bit but I quickly realized it was significantly less enjoyable for me. Have fun. Glad TD worked well too.

Dare2Ride trainer does not understand “resistance”, only slope mode works.

Next we are working on virtual power and because Ant+ is causing problems we will probably do slope mode next.