Watch app and pairing as HR sensor


I am a newbie this week and am looking forward to using TrainerDay regularly.
I use TrainerDay with Apple Watch which also serves as my HR sensor.
I noticed that if I use the activity on apple watch, it does not duplicate the exercise app. However, the negative effect of this is that when I look at the activity details for HR on iPhone after completing it, the detail is much more limited than if I had used an exercise from the exercise app.
I can also ignore the Apple Watch part and only look at the activity on the iPhone but then, even though the app on the iPhone is paired to the Apple Watch as the HR sensor, the heart rate level does not appear on the app on the iPhone.
For my part, I would first request that the app on the iPhone show the heartbeat as calculated by the app watch that is paired.
Thanks in advance for your review.



Someone to acknowledge?


Oops sorry. I saw this and forgot to respond. I also partially did not understand. Our only real goal with the app was to allow people to use it as an HR monitor with the app. I am not fully understanding what you are trying to do but when I start the app on the phone it starts on the watch. I see my HR on both the watch and the app. As I said this was our goal. I am not exactly sure what you are asking for.

Here is a screenshot. These were not taken at exactly the same time so they differ a little.

I am in resistance mode so my target does not match my actual :slight_smile:

Thanks Alex, thanks for your answer.

I uploaded the results of activities as displayed by apple for HR, the one on the left with a native exercice proposed within exercices, the one on the right with a TrainerDay exercice.
As you can see, the native exercice of apple includes more details compared to the one with TrainerDay.
So, that’s why I try to use the native exercice instead of the one of TrainerDay.
But, if the app installed on the Apple Watch and i active it, it turns off automatically the native activity and keep only the TrainerDay one.
I think that you know everything know.
Happy to read you.

The goal is to record the activity via

Oh, now I understand. Thanks. Not sure what we can do. Our focus was not on Apple Health but just on using HR for our app. But when we get a little time we will see how we might improve this.

Thanks alex