Workout displaying weird (iPhone SE + Visual Ramp issue) (FIXED)

Hey Alex…

Something has changed on the iPhone app… The workout graphic has gone very small in the top right corner…Not sure if thats intentional.

That itself isn’t a problem but Im getting a weird display. Difficult to explain so see attached image…IMG_6082

As the workout progresses on a steady power slope there is a 2nd slope being displayed. In the image the white is obviously the power and is correct to the workout so what is the blue slope being shown above?
It only seems to do it on a slope ie when I enter 110-190w for example.

Hope that makes sense.

It doesn’t seem to affect the power value being sent to the Wahoo so not sure why its there… :slight_smile:


We just changed chart technologies to improve performance issues. Can you send me what you mean by the chart being smaller? It works fine in our iPhones. We will test this ramp and see if we can duplicate this.

Looking back the old chart it actually might be the same size but just in a different position…
I’ll send it through anyway just in case. Thats on a iPhone SE 2020 screen.

Old screen

New screen

It almost looks like the original slope is replaced with a forecast of where you’re going with actual measured power. If that makes sense :wink:

Oh I see. My iPhone looks like this which is much better…

We will have to fix that as well as figure out that other issue.

Yeah exactly something funny like that… I am sure that is not it but it’s something about this replacement after the power is drawn.

Are you using a giant iPhone? :slight_smile:

OK will leave it with you. As I say its not impacting actual sessions at the minute but thought you should know.
Thanks Alex… appreciated.

It doesn’t do it on the fixed power segments… not sure it does it on the negative slope cool downs either but will check shortly as I’ve an FTP test scheduled today… joy of joys :slight_smile:

I’ll report back…

Hey Alex…

Also does it on the negative slope just so you know… but seems to be showing the power less than the specified power… if the at makes sense :slight_smile:
Hope that helps somehow.


Oh that is great insight on the slopes. Thanks so much. Yes I have iPhone 11 pro so pretty big. We will make it look better on yours too.

Hey Alex… All seems to be working correctly now. Everything looks to be being displayed as previous.

Thanks for sorting!

Oh great. I asked my developer to fix this but I never confirmed he did. Thanks for the confirmation!!! :slight_smile: