Workout list in app

When accessing the library in the app I only can choose from the top ten lists. I have more then 10 but the list isn’t scrolling so I can’t use them.

Strange, can you create a video by chance? Also maybe restart the app. Not logout or reinstall but just restart. What version of the app do you have? I have not seen this.

Problem is not with the number of workouts but with the number of lists

Oh I see. Let me research. We do have a new list box. Now we are using the default one built into iOS and Android so it works different.

Did you try scrolling it up? There is no scrollbar by default until you start sliding it up.

You can see it working here in iOS

Can’t scroll any direction. As soon as you touch it, a list is opened.
Android 2.3.6.
May not be new but I recently enabled Intervals.Icu wod which takes up one more line

Just updated to 2.3.7. and list scrolling is working. Thx

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