Workout lost on iOS?

I just finished a 1:45 long ride and the app crashed when I tried to stop the ride. I reopened the app a few times and repeatedly couldn’t get to the save screen. I then killed every other app on the phone, and tried again with the same results. Then I crossed my fingers and rebooted the phone. After rebooting, I could get back into the workout and stop it. I was able to get to the save screen, but tapping save, caused the app to crash again. I tried this a few times and always got the same result. And now, when I try to do this, the work out doesn’t seem to be active in the app anymore.

I’m afraid I’ve probably lost this workout, which is a small bummer.

I’m wondering if there is something that I can do to keep this from happening again.

I’m on an iPhone 13 and on the most recently released version of TrainerDay.

It’s too bad you’ve lost activity. It would be great to get to the bottom of the problem. I’ll text you a private message.

Great. Thanks!

Not sure if Grigory told you but we put a fix in place to make this much less likely or impossible to happen (hopefully). This is very rare situation but we don’t want anyone to ever lose anything if possible.

Thanks, Alex. He and I chatted back-and-forth quite a bit and he told me about the fix. I appreciate all that you and he do to keep things improving!

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